Merry Christmas, you wonderful old Building and Loan!

I bring you a small update just in time for the holiday!  We’ve got fireworks!  Also, there’s new books, the old signed books are new, the new music disc is added, and the diamond hat in the inventory now looks more like the 3d model.  Hit the download page for your holiday goodies.  Enjoy!!!

I don’t think anyone actually reads these posts.
New sticks!

I discovered an incompatibility with installing Real Life Seasons on some distributions of Win7 x64, so I’ve re-written the code for the the one-time config module from the ground up.  No more incompatibility.

I also fixed a texture glitch with the bat mob, tweaked the buttons on the leather jacket, desaturated the withered health bar a bit, and made new sticks.  No more plane-jane wooden tool-less handles falling out of trees.

Here’s the download.


Got my new case and there are TONS of slots for adding hard drives, both in the case and on the motherboard.  I’ve got several HDDs lying around.  I’ll see if I can get my hands on a copy of OSuX and see about that mac version.  It’s actually going to be easy as I can use most of the code from the Linux version, I just need to know where Minecraft lives on a Mac so I can sort out the file structure.  I highly doubt calling %appdata% or the Linux equivalent will result as expected.  Stupid Mac OS.

Another thing, I think I’ve figured out a way to set up RLS for servers.  The only problem would be losing the “encryption” of the individual packs as they’d have to be saved as plain-jane .zip files.  Wouldn’t be the end of the world, and the packs were always intended to simply be proof of concept anyway.  We’ll see.

Also, let me know (if anyone actually reads the crap I write) if you’re interested in A Brave New World for Minecraft Pocket.  I’m uneasy about adding support until texture packs are officially implemented because Mojang likes to change conventions like nobody cares and it doesn’t matter, but if enough people are interested, I’ll see about adding it.  Could also do RLS for mobile, but that would basically be a whole other project in itself and I don’t have that much time.  Again, we’ll see.

Here’s your friendly neighborhood psychopath, from the Splatterhouse series of games, it’s Terror Mask!  I always wondered why he walked around in a jumpsuit with no shoes on.

Who could forget Spiderman posessed by the symbiote?  Symbiote Spiderman was arguably the coolest incarnation of the hero ever.  Even when silly dancing, this spider man has so much more attitude.

The general consensus is that this is supposed to be Ric Flair, nature boy, but according to the documentation, it’s supposed to be a boxer.  It’s not a great representation of either in my opinion and I might update it later, but I still think it looks neat no matter what you call it.

He’s not a yoga instructor, a yard salesman, disc jockey, clown teacher, shoe maker, or watch dog.  There’s an innumerable amount of things he’s NOT, but what he IS happens to be the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise, Dr. Leonard McCoy.  RIP, old friend.

This here is Kup, the middle-aged outer-space pickup truck of the Autobot faction.  More than anything, he hates turbo-revvin’ young punks.

The Iron Giant.  I wasn’t even that young when this came out and I still loved it.  It’s impossible to not like this movie.

Our old friend, Indiana Jones.  Yes, he was named after the dog.  No, Mr. Lucas, you may not direct any more films.

This old sleazy chumbucket.  Robotnik.  I never understood why people always thought Bowser was such a bad guy, always kidnapping Mario’s utterly worthless girlfriend.  Robotnik poached small animals and stuffed them inside the bodies of evil robots.  That’s like if Megaman bosses were horrible turduckens of evil.

Could be any sort of doctor, physician’s assistant, lab tech, anyone in standard issue disposable scrubs really.

Created this for a skin contest.  You’d like me when I’m angry.

Yes, she is very obnoxious.  It’s Sonic’s girlfriend, Amy Rose!

What in the world?

At some point, I broke seasons grass color.  Fixing it now.  Since holiday grass is non-biome-specific, it doesn’t matter this month, but I want to make sure it’s fixed before next month.  Also, the powered-up items are supposed to be showing red rather than pink.  I’ll fix that too.