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Starting now, I’m going to start also going a photo log for changes.

change log for version 1.4-E
- added all content for 13w01 (w02 is a bigger change, still in progress, no not going to 1.5 official yet)
- HUD GUI tweaked
- new potion particles
- cloudier clouds
- new fleshy white zombie randomob
- new black silverfish randomob
- new spotty black cow randomob (I’m going to call her Daisy)
- new blue squid randomob
- woolier goat randomob
- new blocky text
- better pressure plate rail
- changed pyramid block to actual pyramid block
- wooden planks are sexier
- signs updated to match new wood planks
- repeater icon position fix
- gold ingot color tweak
- gold carrot color tweak +shading
- clock color +shading tweak
- fixed tip of iron hoe handle
- color balanced diamond tools
- new fancy handles for gold tools
- blanced color and shading for gold sword
how do i install cause can't see anything in the video

If for some reason your Adobe Flash installation isn’t working or if you don’t have it installed, there are also detailed instructions in a text file inside the download for the mod.

On second thought.. (True Story)

A long time ago now, there was a Minecraft update that flipped the bottom texture map on every polygonal surface in Minecraft to the reverse orientation.  This fix was to make the textures geometrically correct because Notch originally rendered them in reverse by accident and compensated by flipping the texture.  It was wrong and needed to be fixed.  It also caused every single texture pack and skin to be completely hosed.  The issue here is that there was no warning given and very little information provided on what changed, why, and what impact it would have.  To this day, you’ll still see people wearing skins with a beard piece sticking out of the back of their heads.

Since the real life seasons mod is driven by 8 texture packs, this was a big issue for me. Worse still, the skins directory was, at that time, about 300 skins and the whole thing had to be rebuilt from the ground up, every single last entry.  When asked about it, Jeb’s response was akin to “It was broken, now it’s fixed, deal.”  So I wrote an email.

My email was very direct.  I told him that his response was too cold and uncaring and frankly that he had hurt the feelings of a good many people and tarnished his image and the image of the company.  I then set about the task of creating a macro to correct the texture pack issues and worked with Saviski to create and refine his skin texture flipping utility that would help both skin authors and users to update their content.

Soon after and much to my delight, I received a sincere and well-worded response.  Jeb explained that he hadn’t intended on hurting any feelings nor did he lack any amount of care.  He simply didn’t have a good impression of the scope of users that would be impacted by the change.  He apologized and promised to take measures to communicate better with the content development community in order to ease future transitions.  At this point, we had sorted out a fair deal of the issues on our own, so I made sure to spread the apology around and leave it in the past.  It was all a distant memory until today.

The point to this story is that Jeb is indeed a man of his word.  I’ve just learned that in addition to this snapshot, Mojang also released today a tool created by dinnerbone that assists in the conversion process for texture packs.  What this means for the Real Life Seasons mod is that rather than spend a couple of hours per season/holiday, the conversion process should be fairly quick and painless.  In short, expect to see the next release within a day or two.  Of course, I’ll release a 1.5 compatible revision to be provided parallel to the 1.4 compatible revision until such a time that 1.5 comes out of development and enters live production.

The good (best) news is that Real Life Seasons doesn’t have to die today.  And in spite of all my own hard work, it’s Mojang we have to thank this time.  Thank you, Jeb, Notch, dinnerbone, and the rest of the gang.  Once again, you never fail to please and amaze, even for an old jaded dodger like me.

Goodbye, Seasons

With this snapshot update, the Real Life Seasons mod is done for good. When this texture handling change is implemented in the full game, I’ll be forced to give up. It’s just too much shit to fix and I don’t have enough time. I have a career. I pay a mortgage. Thanks, Jeb.

UPDATE: Don’t bother.

Now that the mod is going away, nothing in this post matters.  Don’t waste your time giving feedback.

I’m close to having everything updated for this snapshot and then some.  Some other things to look for in the next update are a new more gassy particle effect for potions, slightly more cloudy clouds, and a pasty rotten white zombie (maybe some other zombies too).

So, now on to the part where you can voice your opinion.  This is a two-part question, so read carefully and post your opinion in the comments section.

I always had a feeling netherack would have something to do with nether bricks, which is why I made nether bricks black since my netherack is black stones set in red goo.  Now, as fate would have it, my intuition has proven useful as they have indeed made netherack smeltable to nether bricks.  This does, however, propose a new idea.  Should the nether bricks look like black stones and, as such, should nether brick objects look like black cobblestone?  This would naturally use large chunky boulder-style stones, so it wouldn’t look nearly as pebbly and coarse as stone cobble.  Or do you like it the way it is now where netherack smelts down to plain black bricks.  I’m open to suggestions.

The second question I’ve encountered is how to most naturally introduce nether quartz.  This ore only produces one unit per ore (for now), so it only makes sense to have a smaller subtle indication of ore in the source block.  I tried making a quartz stone protruding from a netherack block and it looked very unnatural.  I also tried an artistic glowing essence emanating from the rock, but that caused it to not quite stand out enough and also looked very unnatural.  I’ve toyed with the idea of a glittery dusting on the periphery of the red portions of the netherack, but I’m still on the fence about how natural that could possibly look.  In short, nothing I’ve tried has worked well and I’m drawing a blank.  Give me your thoughts and ideas.  Tell me what you want.

Again, leave your thoughts, opinions, comments, and ideas in the comments section.

Merry Christmas, you wonderful old Building and Loan!

I bring you a small update just in time for the holiday!  We’ve got fireworks!  Also, there’s new books, the old signed books are new, the new music disc is added, and the diamond hat in the inventory now looks more like the 3d model.  Hit the download page for your holiday goodies.  Enjoy!!!

I don’t think anyone actually reads these posts.
New sticks!

I discovered an incompatibility with installing Real Life Seasons on some distributions of Win7 x64, so I’ve re-written the code for the the one-time config module from the ground up.  No more incompatibility.

I also fixed a texture glitch with the bat mob, tweaked the buttons on the leather jacket, desaturated the withered health bar a bit, and made new sticks.  No more plane-jane wooden tool-less handles falling out of trees.

Here’s the download.


Got my new case and there are TONS of slots for adding hard drives, both in the case and on the motherboard.  I’ve got several HDDs lying around.  I’ll see if I can get my hands on a copy of OSuX and see about that mac version.  It’s actually going to be easy as I can use most of the code from the Linux version, I just need to know where Minecraft lives on a Mac so I can sort out the file structure.  I highly doubt calling %appdata% or the Linux equivalent will result as expected.  Stupid Mac OS.

Another thing, I think I’ve figured out a way to set up RLS for servers.  The only problem would be losing the “encryption” of the individual packs as they’d have to be saved as plain-jane .zip files.  Wouldn’t be the end of the world, and the packs were always intended to simply be proof of concept anyway.  We’ll see.

Also, let me know (if anyone actually reads the crap I write) if you’re interested in A Brave New World for Minecraft Pocket.  I’m uneasy about adding support until texture packs are officially implemented because Mojang likes to change conventions like nobody cares and it doesn’t matter, but if enough people are interested, I’ll see about adding it.  Could also do RLS for mobile, but that would basically be a whole other project in itself and I don’t have that much time.  Again, we’ll see.

Here’s your friendly neighborhood psychopath, from the Splatterhouse series of games, it’s Terror Mask!  I always wondered why he walked around in a jumpsuit with no shoes on.

Who could forget Spiderman posessed by the symbiote?  Symbiote Spiderman was arguably the coolest incarnation of the hero ever.  Even when silly dancing, this spider man has so much more attitude.

The general consensus is that this is supposed to be Ric Flair, nature boy, but according to the documentation, it’s supposed to be a boxer.  It’s not a great representation of either in my opinion and I might update it later, but I still think it looks neat no matter what you call it.

He’s not a yoga instructor, a yard salesman, disc jockey, clown teacher, shoe maker, or watch dog.  There’s an innumerable amount of things he’s NOT, but what he IS happens to be the chief medical officer of the USS Enterprise, Dr. Leonard McCoy.  RIP, old friend.

This here is Kup, the middle-aged outer-space pickup truck of the Autobot faction.  More than anything, he hates turbo-revvin’ young punks.

The Iron Giant.  I wasn’t even that young when this came out and I still loved it.  It’s impossible to not like this movie.

Our old friend, Indiana Jones.  Yes, he was named after the dog.  No, Mr. Lucas, you may not direct any more films.