It’s a different big cat type Power Ranger.  This one is yellow.  I think that’s the last one.

Tiger?  This is the point where I stopped watching this with my siblings before school so I don’t really know.  If I remember correctly, they made some kind of movie about this guy.  I think they even played it in the theaters.

Tyrannosaurus!  Take that, little sissy-girl pink ranger.  I’m not a neck-bearded-street-corner-white-van-driving creeper after all.

Pterodactyl!  Why is it that I can only remember the corresponding dinosaur for the pink Power Ranger?  Now I feel like a creeper.  No, the other kind.

It’s Morphin Time!  Many a Saturday wasted on this hybrid international silly show.  The green one was, as I recall, a villain in disguise at first.  I remember him being distinct because his robot was a dragon, which we all know is far superior to a T-rex.

Rhinoceros!  Ocelot!  Manpanda!

.. Blue Power Ranger?

Mastadon!  Elephant!  Chupacabra!

I don’t really remember what this guy was supposed to be.  It’s the black Power Ranger.