Avoid the Noid!  This is the obnoxious little bastard from the old Dominoes commercials.

"Who is Dwigt?!!"

It’s Dwight Schrute, the wacky paper salesman from The Office!

Buh da bup buh ba!  Obesity!

McDonalds is horrible.  I’m only posting this skin so people can use the Burger King in conjunction and deliver an old-fashioned Burger King style beat-down.

I pity the fool who don’t respect the authority of the T!  First name Mister!  Middle name Period!  Last name T!!!

Most notable for completely bombing his public image and still being loved by most the world over, Michael Jackson will never be forgotten.  However, when I chose to remember him, I remember this Michael the best.

This looks like.. a crime.

And behind his sunglasses.. another pair of sunglasses.

David Caruso from CSI making unnecessary use of face props.

"You know that smell.  It’s the Whopper.. for breakfast!"

While delivering an impressive performance in the critically acclaimed Sneak King for XBox 360, this fine fellow is known best for his award-winning television appearances.

He is none other than the Burger King.

That’s the stain-fighting power of Billy Mays, guaranteed!