This here is Kup, the middle-aged outer-space pickup truck of the Autobot faction.  More than anything, he hates turbo-revvin’ young punks.

"Stupid nature! Come back and fight like Dinobots!"

Ah, Grimlock.  I’m glad Transformers made the switch back to vehicles, but for some reason Michael Bay is convinced that only Decepticons can take animal forms.  Michael Bay is on the list, but only for a while because the movies are still very entertaining.  Download this skin if you’re glad they got rid of that tramp.

This is the super-fictional Autobot Transformer Halfstack.  Transforms in to a Honda CRX or Prelude.  Brother of Overdirve and combine together to form Powerload.

This is another super-fictional Autobot Transformer named Jitterbug.  Inspired by the lack of female Transformers and the lack of new transformer designs featuring Volkswagen automobiles, Jitterbug transforms in to a classic VW Rabbit, or the modern model if preferred, although only seen in limited production.  Found commonly associated with the Autobot Overdrive, Jitterbug can combine to form Doublejumper.

Yet another super-fictional Autobot Transformer, Overdrive!  This transformer turns in to a blue and silver Toyota pickup truck and can combine with both Junebug and Halfstack.  In combiner form, Overdrive is consistently the base unit making up the legs of the combiner.

Wheeljack!  I don’t know if many people remember this Transformer, but he was pretty freakin’ cool.  This guy goes all the way back to the start of the series.

Thundercracker!  This was always my favorite of the three.  I have no justification for this.  It’s probably the name.

Megatron: Wait!  I still function.

Starscream: Want to bet?

The original bastard.

Soundwave, in epic tape deck form.  Someday I will explain to my children what a tape deck is and why we don’t have them anymore.  On that day, a little piece of my childhood will die.  Then I’ll explain what CDs are and why we don’t have them anymore.

It’s pimp Starscream!  Oh, wait.  It’s just Skywarp.

Go, Sideburn!

I always thought this was a ridiculous name for a Transformer.  Sideburn?  Other than that, he was really cool.

It’s Rodimus!  Apparently this is now the character’s proper name because the fine people over at Hot Rod magazine are a bunch of dicks and have a problem with free advertising.

The doctor is in the garage!  It’s Ratchet, the medic Autobot!  Yeah, he’s a traditional ambulance, red and white colored, not some green.. bus.. hummer.. thing.  Damn you, Michael Bay!

Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, defender of free Cybertron.

“Transform and roll out!”

This is the Autobot Mirage, although seen here in his Transformers: Robots in Disguise repaint form, referred to in this series as Skidz, which was originally the name of a minivan.  We’ll just call him Mirage.