"I like yo’ raincoat!"

It’s Dazzle- uh.. Jubilee!  This has to be one of the only cases where a cartoon about a comic series inspired the creation of a character in the comic series from the cartoon.  And on top of that, she was such a pointless character.  Fireworks?  Really?

Before Apocalypse, there was simply Angel, one of the original founding members of the X-Men team.

Archangel, once known simply as Angel, defected from the X-Men, tempted by Apocalypse with the promise of limitless power in exchange for eternal servitude.  This is Angel’s post-enslavement cybernetically enhanced form.

Dr. Hank McCoy!  If you don’t know that name, you should at least recognize the name Beast.  Once a fat bald white guy able to lift cars with one hand, Hank McCoy is now an awesome ape-man-bear as a result of an experiment intended to cure himself of being able to lift cars.  Why would he want to change back?  He went from dumpy with a cool super power to amazing with a cool super power.  Scientists really should read more comic books.

In Russia, mutant powers use you!

Colossus, the unstoppable tank of the X-men.  Able to instantly cover his skin with a protective layer of metal.  Also able to smash most things.  This guy is huge.. like Russia.

The X-Men member Rogue.  For those who notice the disconnect between the film series and the comics/cartoons (besides all of the other blaring discrepancies), why does Rogue have different powers in the movie?  The answer is she doesn’t.  Rogue’s native power has nothing to do with flight or strength.  In the comics, Mystique poses as Rogue’s mother to manipulate her in to assassinating Marvel Girl by draining her power and energy completely resulting in her immediate death.  The resulting power drain led to an adoption of abilities which, in theory, will eventually expire, but show no indication of doing so in the near future.

Wind!  Hurricane!  Being chatty during battle!

I remember an episode of the X-Men cartoon where Storm, this character by the way, was going off on one of her long blabbering rants about the weather during battle and right in the middle of it, she gets popped by a laser beam from a sentinel and falls straight out of the sky.  It was a good day.

Do the Halle Berry!

Poof!  It’s the X-Men teleporter Nighcrawler!  I always liked this character and wished he had gotten more exposure.  The feral bestial characters always appealed to me.

The name’s Wolverine, bub.

The Phoenix returns, this time in her good-guy charitable benevolent form.  Oddly, we never saw this side of the character in the new films, which is a shame because that omission allowed for an entire rewrite of the plot.  Why reinvent the wheel?

It’s Ice Man, one of the original X-Men.  He’s a man.. made of ice.  Not to be confused with the very not-too-intimidating Mega Man boss.

Behold the awesome power of the Dark Phoenix.  That’s awesome power, not moody, irritable, and totally continuity breaking.

Cyclops: Wait!  How do we know you’re really you?

Wolverine: You’re a dick.

Cyclops: It’s him.

This is Gambit.  Why wasn’t he in any other movies than the movie about Wolverine?