Voltron needs no introduction.

Authorship credit goes to Halucid by implicit request.


It’s the big blue wonder, The Tick!

Kamehameha and all that jazz.  This is Goku from the Dragon Ball series.  Dragon Ball wasn’t the greatest in the world.  It was cheesy, over the top with newly-pubic boyish testosterone, and largely generic.  Overall, it makes other Japanese animation look bad, and while that sucks a big one, it does have its’ place in the world of cartoons.


The famous quote, because after her mind is destroyed that’s most of what he says.  This is Guts from the Berserk comic series.  Categorized in cartoons technically because the series doesn’t follow traditional comics structure, technically being a Japanese manga, and there was a short-lived anime series that loosely followed the events of part of the comic series.  Berserk really isn’t a cartoon, it just doesn’t fit well anywhere else.  If a cartoon, Berserk represents the NC-17 for violence and graphic carnage of the cartoon world.  Not for the faint of heart.  Luckily, Guts is not faint of heart.  Otherwise, there wouldn’t be much of a story.

Go Speed Racer, go Speed Rader, go Speed Racer, go!

This guy, Kenshiro, is from a once obscure old anime series called Fist of the North Star.  I’ve heard something about the series finally being dubbed to English, so now children can finally freak out about it and call it new.

Mmmm.. Simpsons.

In pixel art, Homer is tough to capture, and yet here he is before you.

Hobbes the tiger from Calvin and Hobbes.  Not to be confused with Hobbes the philosopher, but similar in many ways.

Cookies are more than a sometimes snack.  The monster of cookies will not be censored.