It’s the son of Dracula, Aculard!  Oh, wait.  I’m thinking of the other son who opened a chain of eastern-European fried chicken fast food restaurants.  This is Alucard, which is cleverly an inversion of the spelling of their father’s name.  The other brother’s name inverted comes out to Draluca, which means nothing but might be a clever name for a Scott Bakula tribute metal band.

It’s the most powerglove-so-bad vampire hunter ever to have existed!  Trevor Belmont!  The best vampire hunter from the best vampire hunting game.  Also, it’s no coincidence that I’m a huge fan of this guy.  Want to take a guess what the T in TQuin means?

Simon Belmont, the vampire hunter who started it all.. sort of.  This rendition is closer to the Castlevania 4 character art, which places him a little deeper in the timeline.  Either way, Dracula’s gon’ choke!

Oh snap!  I told you there were Belmont’s in here!  It’s Richter!

Oh no!  It’s Doctor Acula!  Oh, wait.. it’s just Dracula.  Oh you!  While originally made famous through.. not-video-games, this little bastard is the single scourge of multiple generations of heroic vampire hunters.  Do I smell Belmonts in the water?