Who could forget Spiderman posessed by the symbiote?  Symbiote Spiderman was arguably the coolest incarnation of the hero ever.  Even when silly dancing, this spider man has so much more attitude.

"Welcome, true believers!"

Arguably the mightiest of all heroes, Stan Lee is living proof that the pen is far mightier than the green glowing ring-generated laser sword.

Finally, another villain.

“Why so serious?”  The most over-used expression since the release of the film.  The real question should be “Why too serious?” as in “Why, while delivering one of the most intense performances of your professional career, did you get so involved that you had to get bombed on sleep meds to get through it, thus accidentally ending your actual life?”.  I digress.

The Joker, arch nemesis of Batman, while providing occasional comic relief, is a horrible individual in every sense of the word.  Both actors who have most recently portrayed his character cinematically have done so with wonderful performances, even if the price for said performance was most recently dramatically unfortunate, no pun intended.  Such a warped persona is a difficult part to play, and the star who made The Shining is a hard act to follow.  Let it be said that this is the first and only comic villain to have claimed an actual life, a testament to the warped horror that defines The Joker.

I have a deep admiration for this skin because it wonderfully captures the artistic style of both films while staying moderately true to the original character.  I’m humble enough to openly admit that I did not design this skin.

It’s Iron Man!  It’s Don Cheadle!  It’s Steel Superman!

All wrong.  It’s War Machine.

This time we’ve got the good-guy bad-guy hybrid, Venom.  It depends heavily on his mood, which is generally very hulk-smash.

Spider Woman, Spider Woman, not the same as Spiderman.  She has boobs, he does not.  He’s a dude, she’s a chick.  Hey there!  Boys are different from girls!

Holy guacamole, Batman!  It’s Robin!

The Punisher.  His family was taken from him in cold blood.  He’ll cry for them someday.. someday, as soon as he gets done killing.

Deadpool, the contradictory punchline of the comic book kingdom.

The famous blind superhero, Daredevil, proving once and for all that real heroes do it in the dark.. blindfolded.

I give you Ghost Rider.  Now all we need is craftable motorcycles.  Either that or the ability to put saddles on ghasts.