Here’s your friendly neighborhood psychopath, from the Splatterhouse series of games, it’s Terror Mask!  I always wondered why he walked around in a jumpsuit with no shoes on.

This is the Ranger from the original Quake.  Note the axe.  In Quake, your melee weapon was a hatchet covered in blood.

"Hoo!  Graham!  Look out!  A pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooisonous snake!"

It’s Sir Graham of Daventry from the King’s Quest series!  This specific reproduction is in the style of the early EGA titles.

For you young people, EGA is old person speak for born pre-1990.  Remember Sierra?  Didn’t think so.

I was never much of a fan of Star Fox, but other people love it.  If you’re one of those, this skin is for you.

Look!  It’s Olimar from Pikmin!  He’s an alien from outer space who’s come to do things on our planet!  Don’t tell Gordon Freeman.

It’s Sketch, the star of the one-time phenomenally popular side-scrolling arcade/comic book style adventure Comix Zone!  If only we had more games still made like this.

Go for a Pokeman!  I don’t really condone playing Pokemon games and am not particularly a fan of the corresponding critter skins, but this skin was well made and I felt it would be a good way to show support for those people who do enjoy the series.

To be honest, I’m not opposed to the game, but I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the way they make people scramble around and trade and play multiple generations of the game just to get a few pixel boogers.  I find it a piss-poor way to generate replay and think the games would be a much better product if that petty feature were omitted.

“Red Faction!”

And then you get a baton to the face.  I don’t know how the series got to where it is today, but this is where it started, and this is where it’s at.  Miners unite!

To those who know, Pitfall Harry is amazing.  We’re talking 2600 old school.  Look it up.  Mind the scorpions.

By the thunder cloud of Zeus, it’s Pit from Kid Icarus!

Second only to Dig Dug himself, this little Minecrafty is perfect for digging mines.  It’s Mr. Driller!

It’s Commander Keen from the golden age of PC game playing!  This obscure little guy is in desperate need of a come-back.

An ice climber from Ice Climber.  They had some backward names like Nan Nan and Pep Pep.  They’re ice climbers.

Doomguy is an epic classic hero figure, digging to the depths killing everything that moves in an endless struggle to purge the evil inside.. or embrace it.

It’s the dragon warrior!  He’s on his.. dragon quest!  To find some dragon’s balls!  Wait…  Nevermind.