This is Zeta Gundam.  Zeta Gundam is from?  Any takers?  The Z Gundam series.  Surprised?  I’ll bet you’re shocked as hell.

And this would be skin number 200!

Zephyr Gundam from Gundam 0083.  I never got to watch this one all the way through, but it was a really cool model.

It’s a Zaku.  Technically, I think this is a Model II.  These are the nasty axe-wielders from the original Gundam storyline.

It’s Wing Gundam from Gundam Wing!  I always thought that inversion was odd.

I specifically remember a scene where this Gundam blew himself up kamikaze-style.  It was pretty bad.  Like black Michael Jackson with fingerless gloves bad.

This one is the little brother of the Gundam, the mobile suit GyM.

It’s Gundam from.. Gundam!