It’s the other skeleton face from He-Man, Hordak!  Technically he was from She-Ra: Princess of Power, but we all know it was the same show.  This guy was supposed to be the She-Ra villain counter-part to Skeletor, but I always felt he lacked the menace.  Still, he looked very cool and had neat bat ears for keeping cool in the summer time.

Man at Arms!  From He-Man, of course.  This guy’s helmet was as cool as his mustache.  Ah, to be a kid again.

MerMan!!!  This was always my favorite of the lesser He-Man villains.

Holy crap it’s She-Ra Princess of Power!  Much to the delight of every little boy in 198-whenever, She-Ra was revealed to be.. the SISTER of HE-MAN!  Contextually speaking, what does this mean for us, the little boys of 198X?  She’s available!

Edit:  It was pretty hard to avoid dumb-face on this one.  Since sultry isn’t a viable option in an 8x8 square, I opted to go for young innocence over doped-up-street-corner-tail-merchant looking.

While she was kind of an uppity snob, Teela was a strong fighter, and being the only girl in the series who wasn’t either completely evil or He-Man’s sister, she makes great girlfriend material for our hero clad in bear-pelt underwear.  As an added bonus, a viable girlfriend for He-Man means She-Ra is.. say it with me now.. AVAILABLE!  Hooray for not incest!

“I’ll get you for this, He-man!”

It’s Skeletor, scourge of Eternia!

By the power of Gray Skull!  I have the power!


I would have created a skin for Adam, Prince of Eternia, but nobody would have downloaded it.  Everyone knows it’s on when the sword comes out.

(That’s what she said.)

Collaborative authorship credit goes to Halucid by implicit request.