This guy is my best friend.  He’s the OG of Mario hate, Wario!

It’s Toad.

“Thank you, Mario!  ..But.. the princess is in another castle.”


It has always amused me to think of what people prefer based solely on marketing.  Blue hedgehog that turns in to a living buzz-saw and can run faster than anything on the planet to save the world from evil robots?  No.  That’s boring.  A guy who unplugs toilets choked with poop for a living, whose other abilities include eating mushrooms and herbs, then proceeding to stomp the life out of dozens of small animals?  Yay!

This Mario, like his Player 2 counterpart, is done in a combination styling of his arcade and “super” days.

It’s me!  Luigi!

Who invited this guy to the party?  I’ve actually always had a soft spot for Luigi.  I’ve never felt like a Mario game can be complete without Luigi, and on the whole, I think he’s very under-appreciated.  After all, what’s so bad about being Player 2?