It’s the Servbot!  These little guys were a playable character in Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 and, for whatever reason, many people think they’re supposed to be Lego men.  They’re not.  What they are is the tiny robotic minions of Tron Bonne, one of the nemesis characters from the now-defunct Mega Man Legends series.

Protoman, the fatally flawed older brother and prototype of Mega Man.  Weaker by design, and yet he always seems to be one step ahead of you.  Also, he may secretly be your sister.

While initially unsure about the Mega Man X reboot of the series, I became much more interested in the character of Zero, particularly with the possible connection between Protoman and Roll from the original storyline.  If I’ve lost you at this point, you need to get back to your eight-bit roots.. or spend a few hours reading Wikipedia (..even though it is frequently wrong about most or every actual fact; majority opinion does not prove actual events).

I never really got in to the Mega Man X series.  It was too much of a departure from the original.  I do have an appreciation for it though, and am generally fond of any robot who kills another robot and takes their gun.

Straight from 20XX, he’s the mega-est of men, Mega Man!

You are contractually obligated to love the enormous bug eyes that take up half of his face.  Just like real life.. video game!

It’s Bass from the Mega Man series!