The Iron Giant.  I wasn’t even that young when this came out and I still loved it.  It’s impossible to not like this movie.

Our old friend, Indiana Jones.  Yes, he was named after the dog.  No, Mr. Lucas, you may not direct any more films.

It’s Shrek, star of the movie Shrek!  There is another Shrek skin floating around, but it doesn’t look cheerful at all.  I know he’s an ogre, but he should look like an ogre, not a poorly designed Minecraft skin.

“Dead or alive, you are coming with me.”

Robocop has feelings too.

He ain’t afraid of no ghost!  We’re just going to call this guy Ghostbuster.  It could pass for any of them since he’s pretty generic (except Winston, of course), but I like to think he looks fairly similar to Ray.