Could be any sort of doctor, physician’s assistant, lab tech, anyone in standard issue disposable scrubs really.

Created this for a skin contest.  You’d like me when I’m angry.


And this little Minecrafty is a Spartan soldier.

You can choose not to fear the reaper and you can even hunt the creeper, but I would be very careful around this Goblin.

"Run away!!!"

It’s a crusader such as the knights from Monty Python’s and the Holy Grail.  These knights were really good and/or really bad depending on who you talk to.

"Hello, children!"

This isn’t that chef, but it is a chef.  Bon apetit!

A carpenter, useful for carpenting.  I like to think this fellow looks an awful lot like the guy from the New Yankee Workshop show, but in truth, it could be anybody.

It’s a builder!  His name might be something generic like Robert.  Maybe even Bob for short.  Of course, we won’t call Bob something obnoxious because that’s just juvenile.  Let’s keep things professional.  We’ll simply refer to him as Professional Building Contractor Robert.

We already did a pirate.. but, wait!  It’s good ol’ Eddie Teach, the nefarious pirate Black Beard!!!

This guy was so nasty that he would tie burning embers from his beard to make it look like he face was on fire and screw with his enemies.  Early psychological warfare at its finest.

Minecrafties is located in North Carolina, USA, and Edward Teach many times would call coastal North Carolina his home (whether they wanted him or not), so it’s our pleasure to pay tribute to him here.  Go to hell, Daniel Boone.  We’re takin’ it way old school up in here.

"That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for a Minecrafty."

Generally speaking, this is an astronaut.

A nondescript construction worker.

Walk like one of these, but don’t sing it or you’ll be forced to leave the party without your hat.

This is a gender ambiguous ancient Egyptian royal person (as ancient Egyptian royal persons tended to be).

This is an elf.  It’s not a Lord of the Rings character or any class from World of Gamecow Planet Rune (insert any other applicable crap-copy online role-playing paradigm here).  It’s just an elf.  Enjoy!

Don’t shoot!  It’s a police officer from.. Virtua Cop!  And Grand Theft Auto, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater, Police Academy, Terminator.. real life.  Policeman Officers are everywhere.  Hide yo donuts, hide yo crullers.

Just a plain-jane old fashion uniformed prisoner.  Innocent, of course, as are all men in prison.

With this skin, you can run around and say obnoxious lines from Oh Brother Where Art Thou and tell people you’re George Clooney and that you refuse to die in any of your films because you’re too good for that.  Or you can just tell people your name is Dufresne and you’re bustin’ out of this joint.