A samurai dressed in full battle armor.  This particular armor reminds me of the third Ninja Turtles movie.

This skin is actually mostly copied from another skin designer’s personal skin.  With only a few modifications, it actually looks spot-on 100% like my younger sister.  She even dresses ridiculous just like this.

It’s a cowboy.  Not much more to say.  Very generic.  Could either be a good guy or a bad guy.  Now we just need indians.  Horse mobs would be nice too.

It’s a farmer.. for farming.  The visual style is based somewhat closely on the little guys from the Harvest Moon game series, but this Minecrafty isn’t intended to represent any specific farmer character.

This is a knight.  You can call him whatever you want, one who said ni even.  Just don’t call him a coward.

Edit: For some reason, the preview moves part of the hat layer, but it’s not apparent on the actual texture file, so disregard.

This skin was a collaborative effort to produce an accurate miner.  The finished product is fairly accurate.  If you’ve ever driven through West Virginia and had to stop for any length of time, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

This is my brother, Kevin.  He goes to a college where the mascot is an eagle and he’s all about his school.  Also, his hair actually does look like a perfectly formed helmet because he’s all hip and young like the kids.

It’s a viking.

If you’re still keeping up, this is me, TQuin.

"Hi!  Thanks for visiting Minecrafties!  Enjoy your stay."

Sorry, mister snow man.  Looks like global warming is here to stay.  We’re going to have to start calling you sheep man.  Oh?  Mega Man already used that?  Too bad.  That’s a horrible name for a robot.

Ho ho ho!  Santa Clause is late this year!  Actually, I was just hoarding the only non-stupid looking Santa Clause for myself.  Happy new year.

Arr!  Whar be the ship’s list o’ scurvy seadogs?!  Well I’ll be a whale’s taint!

This is a generic pirate.

President Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States of America.  At one point, I believed this president’s election to be a sign that we as a society were finally prepared for positive social evolution.  However, it is now clear that bias and self-interested agenda are elements far too pervasive in this country to allow a man to have black skin and make improvements of any kind that would positively impact our way of life.  Rest in peace, dreamers.  God save all of us who still believe.

A generic military grunt.  We will call him FNG.

Death becomes him.. self.