Would you like to win a quick mach of Street Fighter against a novice without exerting much effort?  Try Dhalsim, the Gumby of 2D sprite-based fighting games.

Zangief!  This guy just loves to grab men wearing his little one-piece and go for a roll on the ground.

Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!  Hadouken!

Ryu, you’re a dick.

M.(Major) Bison.  I hated this guy so much.  He was crap to fight against, and when you could finally do it, he was crap to fight with.  Where are all those stupid cheap shots when you need them?  Also, his name is Vega.  At the time, he was taboo, but to this day, Mike Tyson really could use the positive publicity.  In all likelihood, some of you won’t understand what that means, so I’ve prepared an educational chart to clear things up.

M.Bison = Vega

Vega = Balrog

Balrog = M. (Mike) Bison

Mike Tyson = Ear-biting Freakazoid

Here’s another fireball flinging fan favorite from the Street Fighter series, pretty boy Ken Masters.

It’s Haggar!  No, not from Van Halen.  Technically this character is from Final Fight, but there’s an interesting bit of trivia regarding the character.  He was at one point planned to be included as a fighter in the Street Fighter series, but was pulled from the roster for Street Fighter II because they felt that, in addition to Ken and Guile, there would be a surplus of American fighters.  Their solution was to shave his hair in to a mohawk, give him a beard, strip him down to his bright red underwear, cover him in scars, and move him to Russia as the character we recognize as Zangief.  That’s one hell of a compromise.

Sonic boom!  Guile, the second (or third) best fireball spammer in Street Fighter.  Second only to the hadouken twins.

Spinning bird kick!

It’s Chun Li from Street Fighter.

This is Blanka, the popular button masher pick from the Street Fighter series.